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Nearby getaway ideas
of the hotel residence

The path of Montabo

Just 10 minutes from our establishment on foot, you will have access to a shaded hill-side walking trail, the Montabo trail (better known as the IRD trail). It is punctuated by sea views where it is sometimes possible from August to see dolphins as you approach the shore. 
Travel time: 1H for the Round Trip, depending on the speed. Distance from the trail: 3.8km.

Les Îlets Dupont

From the terrace of your room on the first floor, you will see a small coastal archipelago, the islets of Dupont, less than 500M away. Enjoy the pleasure of being outdoors by considering going there by canoe kayak with a guide from the nearby beach. This sporty sea trip will take you to a marine environment frequented by many species of birds, turtles in season. The view of Pointe Montjoyeux and the Residence is breathtaking on the way back. Please ask at the reception for reservations.

Downtown Cayenne

Cayenne's city centre is accessible in about ten minutes by car. You will be seduced by the colourful architecture of the Creole houses near the Place des Palmistes or the market.  Your cultural discovery of the city continues by visiting the Museum of Guyanese Cultures or the Franconian Territorial Museum. Beautiful collections of objects are on display, not to mention the paintings of the famous FLAG on the bagne prison.  


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Unavoidable tourist sites further along the coast

Only 20 minutes by car separate Le Zoo de Guyane, and the Macouria Botanical Garden. These two sites are an opportunity to discover Guyana's remarkable biodiversity, and the variety of animals in particular (more than 450).

Don't miss the Amazonian vanilla collection of the Botanical Garden.

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Did you know that?

The Guyanese Space Centre in Kourou (65 km from the Residence) is open to the public from Monday to Saturday morning, and visits are free!

So don't hesitate to plan a short trip to the space alone or with your family.

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