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The Garden

Our establishment in Cayenne benefits from a pleasant, ventilated environment.

The garden by the sea is home to several varieties of frangipani trees with white, pink or red flowers and sweet scents. Other beds of plants and palm trees, flower boxes and flower boxes decorate it here and there for the pleasure of the birds, and yours. The ensemble invites you to dream...

The Beach

Montabo beach runs alongside Résidence Montjoyeux les Vagues before stretching towards the hill of Bourda for several kilometres, on the edge of the bay of Zéphir.

Wild coconut, almond and plum trees are the most common plant species that grow in the golden sand.

During the laying season from April to July, sea turtles come to lay their eggs before your amazed eyes.

A moment of "wildlife emotion" that the nature and the unique location of our establishment offer you.

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